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Diazepam is the generic drug name for Valium and other brand names – Diazepam is diagnosed for the treatment of anxiety & anxiety disorders. Diazepam is classed as a controlled drug and belongs to a class of drugs known as benzodiazepines.

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Brand name: Valium

Generic name: Diazepam

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Diazepam Facts You should Know about

As treatment for sleeplessness, Diazepam should be taken half an hour to one hour before you retire. Abrupt withdrawal of the drug should never be sought to, if your doctor has not approved it. When taken for long periods, the dose needs to be adjusted and tapered, before stopping it altogether.

If you have indigestion due to Diazepam, you should have it with milk or food. The drug should not be taken longer than the prescribed time and also over the right dosage. On prolonged use, drug dependence could develop, leading to reduced effectiveness of it.

Diazepam Indications

Diazepam is prescribed for improving disturbed sleep and to alleviated tension and nervousness. The drug is also used as muscle relaxant and anticonvulsant. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms including tremors can be treated with Diazepam.

Diazepam Dosage Instructions

Diazepam should be taken as prescribed by the doctor. In case of being prescribed for epileptic attacks, it should be taken daily at the exact time of the day.

In case you happen to miss a dose, you need to take it within 60 minutes of the planned time. If this time limit is exceeded, you should skip that dose and revert to the regular time schedule. You should avoid taking two doses at a time.

Diazepam Side effects

The common side effects present include anxiety, fatigue, and loss of coordination in muscles, light headedness and drowsiness.

Diazepam induces sleepiness and hence should be avoided when your job requires being alert. The main side effects of the drug include blurred vision, indigestion, depressed mood, headache, impaired coordination, disorientation, throbbing, altered heart beats, drunken feeling, amnesia, nightmares, and frailty.

You need to seek immediate medical attention, if you find increased heart beats, changed vision, headache, and yellowish tinge in your skin and eyes.

If there are allergic reactions to Diazepam, seek quick advice from your doctor. The allergic symptoms include giddiness, scratchy feeling, inflammation, skin rash, and breathing difficulty. If any one of the above mentioned reactions occurs when you take Diazepam, you should seek medical treatment without delay.

If you withdraw the drug abruptly or there is a quick decrease in the dose, you may get convulsions, vomiting, muscle and abdominal cramps, and tremors.

Safety Precautions with Diazepam Use

If you have kidney or liver function disorders or are susceptible to allergies, you should notify your doctor about it, before starting on the drug. When taken with alcohol or other medications for sleep, you may get severe drowsiness. Drinking in moderation or avoiding alcohol while taking Diazepam is hence advised.

Elderly persons should take Diazepam with care as the side effects caused are more severe. In case of pregnancy, it should not be prescribed. If necessary, the advantages and disadvantages should be discussed, before using Diazepam. It may be absorbed with breast milk, so if you are breastfeeding, you should inform and discuss about using it.

Contraindications for Diazepam Use

Diazepam should not be used if:

• You have normal day to day stress or tension, which does not require a potent drug like Diazepam. Your symptoms should be precisely conveyed to the doctor.
• You have had allergic reactions to Diazepam earlier or have sensitivity to the drug.
• You are suffering from acute narrow angle glaucoma.
• You are under treatment for mental depression or other disorders.

Diazepam Food and Drug Interactions

When you take alcohol with Diazepam, it makes your central nervous system sluggish and intensifies the effect of alcohol. Hence, it is better to avoid alcohol while taking Diazepam. Overdose of Diazepam can cause diminished reflexes, sleepiness, confusion, and coma.

Diazepam Storage

Diazepam should be kept away from moisture, heat, and light while storing it in an air tight container.

Special Precautions with Diazepam

It should not be used for treating normal day to day stress, anxiety or tension as it is a powerful drug. Its use should be practiced only after you discuss your symptoms completely with your physician.
It should not be given if you are undergoing treatment for mental disorders, which are intensive than anxiety.

Diazepam if as a patient you suffer from anxiety or any anxiety disorders.